Our Leg Massager has a wide variety of features at a very affordable price. It is a shiatsu foot masseur for pain relief and 16 sets of compressive airbags.It is stylish and artistic. The massager imitates the air pressure technology of a massage chair, with sensitive massage intensity and flexible functions. Special rollers are placed on the feet’ bottom to mimic acupuncture points.

The Leg Massager offers a large range of features at an affordable price. It is a shiatsu foot massaging device for pain relief and 16 sets of compressive Airbags. It looks great and is an excellent, artistically designed massager. The massager mimics the effects of air pressure technology by using a massage chair. It has a tender massage intensity, flexible massage functions, and special rollers that are placed on the feet to stimulate the acupuncture points. It works in conjunction with air pressure to achieve the best possible massage effect. There are three levels of intensity, five programs, and 17 different combinations of massage. You can select the massage intensity and program that you prefer to get the best massage experience. This machine provides a quick and rejuvenating experience. It uses a double-parts design. The angle of the upper portion can be adjusted between 0 and 120. A removable and washable fabric cover can also be attached.

To ensure safety, the air can be automatically slowed to prevent legs from getting stuck if the power goes out suddenly. It has many benefits, including reducing the pressure on the foot and the leg, improving the flexibility of the muscle, beautifying the curve of your leg, stimulating blood circulation, relieving pain after exercise, stimulating the points, removing fatigue, and improving the quality of your sleep.

  • Three rollers of kneading on the feet. Shiatsu massage for feet. 16 sets of the air-compression bag. All-wrapped bags, complete air-compression. Keep a constant temperature with a carbon cloth heater. Heating therapy.
  • Fashionable and dexterous design: A perfect artful design, color variety, and easy to fit into furniture and houses.
  • Airbag Pressure Massage and Rollers Massage to the Foot Bottom: This massage imitates the use of air pressure technology in a massage chair. It offers a tender massage with a flexible massage function. To simulate the acupuncture points on the feet, special rollers are fitted to the bottom of the foot. It works in conjunction with air pressure to achieve the best massage effect.
  • Three levels of intensity and five programs lead to 17 different massage combinations. You can choose the massage intensity you want and the program that will give you the best massage experience.
  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Upper Part: This massager adopts a double-parts design. The angle of the upper part can also be adjusted from 0 up to 120 degrees.
  • Far Infrared Heat: This heat function can heat the body and increase blood circulation.
  • Detachable Fabric Cover – This removable fabric cover can be removed and washed.

Safety Airbags can automatically shrink to stop legs from getting stuck if the power goes out suddenly.

Benefits: Lower pressure on the foot and legs, increase flexibility, beautify the curves of the leg, stimulate blood circulation and ease pain after exercise.

  • There are many types of massages available in three dimensions
  • This leg massager combines shiatsu rolling foot massage and shiatsu rolling foot massage.
  • To achieve three-dimensional linkage, leg and foot massage, simulate professional music therapists.
  • You don’t have to worry about non-professional masseurs causing harm to your body.
  • Wrap airbags all around
  • 360° wraparound airbags
  • You will feel a stronger massage and more care air-compression.
  • The integrated chip controls the pulse of circulating air pressure. It gives off a soft, comfortable feeling.
  • To eliminate the weakness of traditional foot massage machines with hard contacts and to reduce leg fatigue from prolonged standing, leg shapers can be installed.
  • Six groups of carbon fiber heating fabric, heat your feet and legs with 50-degree temperature heating
  • Take care of your health by protecting your feet and legs from cold intrusions.
  • Eight groups of carbon fiber heating devices at the ankle and knee simulate traditional cupping heating. They warm the legs and the foot’s corresponding parts.

Additional information

Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 59 × 53 cm